Essay Question 1

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Question 1:

Is social policy in the UK (or another country of your choice) designed around the needs of white
men in work?

  1. Hello - part of the learning outcomes for my module are to understand policy, and for the second workshop to use government websites to help you find this information. The starting point for the UK government is But the trouble with that, you'll find, is that it's focused at service users, not people interested in general policies. So, if you click on "Benefits" you end up with a list of possible benefits you might be entitled to: So, try putting "unemployment" into the search function on Have a look at the search results and see what you think. What does the government seem to be doing to tackle unemployment? It doesn't seem like much. This is one of the problems of However, if you do a bit more sleuthing around efforts to tackle unemployment, you'll learn that the major policy currently is the Work Programme. Pop that into the search field on and see what you find. Then pop the same search terms into, limit the search criteria to "after 2012" and see what academics have to say about the policy.

  2. Yes - you can (and probably should) quote policy documents as they are a statement of what government is doing, however you have to include academic analyses too. On the second part of the question - that's up to you. Would that help in your critical analysis?

  3. As far as the goals of this essay, should it focus on current or historical social policy? That is to say, should it be primarily concerned with answering if social policy WAS built around white, working men at its inception or that it IS built around satisfying the needs of white men at work right now?

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