Revision – oblique strategies

The musician Brian Eno created a creativity technique in the 1970s calledĀ Oblique Strategies. In the original form they were just a set of cards with one word, or one action, on them. You can now download oblique strategies apps for your phone. The idea is it breaks a creative block by making you think, or do, something completely different.


To help you in your revision, this blog will post two oblique strategies posts a day, one at 10:00 and one at 14:00, every weekday next week. Two of these will relate to each coursework question, and fourĀ of them will relate to Section A.


Anonymous comments will be switched on, so feel free to start having a discussion about the strategy. All the posts will be tagged “revision” and “section A”, “Q1”, “Q2” or “Q3”.

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