I want your stupid questions now!

Right – time to use the anonymous comments function to the max. Roughly 18 hours until your coursework essays are due. Hit me with your stupid questions (I know this is late…). But first:

– make sure you’ve read the relevant section of the module outline (Succeed link)

– make sure you’ve watched the video I posted last Friday

– search this site for “essay questions” and have a look at the comments already posted.

If they don’t answer your questions, pop them below.

  1. Top stupid question. I thought I'd removed every reference to an abstract from the module outline, but one was left in. The video is right, but the general answer is, it doesn't matter - you won't get marks for doing one, or marks knocked-off for not doing one.

  2. I'm a little confused with the cover letter for the essay--should we write an original title for the "essay title" or just the essay question? Who do we write in for the "tutor" name field? And the plagiarism statement asks that we tick it--should we print it out and draw a big "X" on it or will typing said "X" suffice?

  3. We probably should have removed this now we've moved to online submission and marking as the cover sheets are not really needed. Title - yes the essay title; Tutor - your tutor, as in who you see every week in your tutorials (you'll also get their name by checking the Turnitin assignment on Succeed); and yes, just type an X.

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