Homelessness – podcast 1

Housing is one of those areas that sits awkwardly in social policy – at the owner-occupied end of housing, we mainly talking about it in economics (housing supply and demand, impact of mortgage markets on macro-economy etc.) and in planning (building the right number of houses in the right place).


It comes into social policy when we consider housing as a social service: providing housing for those in greatest need (i.e. affordable housing – see Taylor Swift) or services for those who are homeless. The latter is particularly interesting as you will find out in these podcasts I recorded with Dr Beth Watts¬†at Heriot-Watt University. In this first podcast (download it by clicking here) we talk about how we define and measure homelessness. You might think this is fairly straightforward, but it’s fiendishly complicated:

You can access the most recent Scottish Government statistics on homelessness here.

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